March 2, 2017

The March 2, 2017 meeting of the PCARC was called to order at 7:10 pm. Persons present were:

Matt Weeks (W5KW)
John Wilburn (W5LCW)
Terry Dalpoas (KM5UQ)
Paul Lalli (W5LZ)
Sky King (KF5WRS)
Clyde Heathcock (WB5QYG)
Christopher Bradley (KG5JUP)
David Weeks (KD5JCX)
Michael Combs (KF5ULW)

The minutes and financial report of the February meeting were read.  At the time of the meeting the club had $434.17 in the checking account. Vice President, David Weeks made a motion to approve the minutes and financial report as it was presented.  The motion was seconded by Terry Dalpoas, the motion carried by a unanimous vote.  Paul Lali paid his 2017 dues prior to the March 2nd meeting.


President, Matt Weeks relayed the latest update on the status of the Pittsburg County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).   A brief discussion was had as to the status of the club’s network of repeaters.  The Stuart repeater is now up and operational again but will require the hardline be replaced.  In the meantime, LMR400 hardline is temporarily in place until a full-scale work party can be organized.  The club has approx. 1,100 feet of hardline in inventory.  The 224 machine needs hardline and the antenna needs to switched to an omnidirectional pattern.  The 370 machine has new hardline in place and one of the club’s Yaesu System Fusion repeaters is in place now at the Shady Grove site while modifications are made to the repeater there.


Members John Wilburn and Michael Combs spoke at length as to the lack of an organized club in Hughes County and proposed that PCARC form a Hughes County Auxiliary club.  The club discussed the idea.  Chris Bradley made a motion to consider building a UHF repeater under the club license W5CUQ in city of Holdenville to assist with SKYWARN and weather net efforts to the West of our county.  The repeater will be built up from existing club surplus.  The motion was seconded by Terry Delpoas.  The motion carried.

Chris Bradley, the new ARRL ARES Emergency Coordinator for Pittsburg County asked for permission from the club to conduct an ARES Net on the club’s 145.370 machine.  The club discussed the matter and Chris Bradley made the motion and David Weeks seconded the motion.  The motion carried without objection. 

The ARES/Skywarn net is to begin on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 20:15 hours on 145.370. 

The final item of new business was raised by club president Matt Weeks, asking the club to consider making the upcoming antenna party at the QTH of member Clyde Heathcock (N5CLH) an official club function.  The motion was made by Secretary Christopher Bradley and seconded by President Matt Weeks.  The motion carried by way of vote with no objection or abstention.  The all available club members will meet at the QTH of Clyde Heathcock on March 18, 2017 at 0900 hours.  Clyde will be putting on the feedbag.  The menu will include ribs and pork butt. 

ADJOURN: Chris Bradley made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  David Weeks 2nd the motion. Meeting ended at 8:12pm. 


Monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00PM. Meetings take place at the Pittsburg County Emergency Operations Center. The EOC is located in the basement of the Pittsburg County Criminal Justice Center, 1210 N. West Street in McAlester, OK.  To enter the EOC, enter the front doors of the facility, go past the Sheriff's Office entrance, and turn left just past the wall.  There will be a steel door with the Emergency Management logo.  If the door is locked, please ring the doorbell.

Our meetings are open to the public. Anyone wishing to attend may do so. Regardless if you're a seasoned Amateur, or are simply interested in Amateur Radio, you are more than welcome at our meetings.

Meetings usually start at 7pm and last about an hour. Finances, club assets such as repeaters and equipment, current and future club projects, and general Amateur Radio topics are discussed.